R.E.G. – Supervision


Counselling is the professional method of consultation suitable for all work-related challenges faced by individuals, teams or groups and organisations. The R.E.G. team supports you in developing your personal, efficient, systematic and successful approach towards professional decisions and actions.

The aim is to enable participants to meet challenges constructively, resolve conflicts and manage processes of change actively by facilitating processes of conscious reflection of work-related situations and challenges either in one-on-one settings or within teams or groups.

R.E.G. specializes in counselling on or for the purpose of:

Conscious reflection

Consciously reflecting situations and behavioural patterns to broaden individual and professional scopes of action.

Conflict management

Identifying, handling and resolving tensions and conflicts.


Taking on professional challenges as individuals, teams or groups.

Stress management

Identifying and consciously reducing or channelling stressors.

Burnout prevention

Consciously reflecting workload and individual risk factors and adapting behavioural patterns accordingly.