Barbara Schneeberger


„I have been fascinated by the fields of communication and internationalisation for many years. The increasing interconnectedness of people, goods and knowledge is, one the one hand, tremendously enriching, but, on the other hand, regularly creates interpersonal and entrepreneurial challenges too. I, therefore, support individuals, teams and organisations in processes of diverse kinds in national and international contexts. No matter whether you focus on strategic or human resources development, PR, decision-making or changes and their internal and external communication – transparent, efficient and appreciative communication is a major prerequisite to allow processes to develop successfully.“


  • Degree in Counselling Sciences and Management of Social Systems with a Major in Counselling, Coaching and Organisational Consulting (Sigmund Freud University Vienna)
  • Degree in English and American Studies with a Major in Media Studies (University of Graz)
  • Listed with the Austrian Association for Supervision/Counselling (ÖVS)
  • Degree as Academic Expert/Trainer for German as a Foreign Language (University of Graz)
  • Several years of professional experience in management position, strategic planning and human resource management (University of Graz)
  • Several years of professional experience as management assistant and in project management (University of Graz, Taten statt Worte)
  • Several years of professional experience in PR as well as national and international cooperation (University of Graz, Taten statt Worte)
  • Partner of R.E.G. since 2015 (organisational and business consultant, trainer and coach)
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