R.E.G. Team


R.E.G. provides professional systemic counselling and coaching for individuals, teams and organisations in projects and processes of change and/or development in national and international contexts. Our approach is based on the idea that sustainable development of any kind initially requires conscious reviewing and reflecting of current conditions and practices, which in turn allows for personal/individual expectations and demands to be put into practice.
A key aspect of this approach to facilitating processes of conscious reflection for the purpose of further development is the importance of the individual person’s and/or the team’s active contribution to and participation in the process that has been started. The way leading to the initially defined goal is paramount to R.E.G.’s work. We are thus your partner in generating your personal professional or individual organisational solution by facilitating your experience of the three essential phases of
Reflecting. Evolving. Generating.

The key pillars of our approach

High-level expertise
Systemic approach
Renowned ÖVS-training
Structured solution orientation
Appreciation of old and new
Fascination with people and systems