R.E.G. – Workshops


As we believe that involved individuals as well as situations and organisations are unique, R.E.G does not offer any ready-made workshops. We rather design tailor-made workshops, seminars and (specialised) trainings for HR development, training and/or internationalisation of organisations in accordance with respective individual requirements and needs.

R.E.G. offers:

English trainings

Specific systemic trainings in English language for teams and departments working with international clients/customers in Austria and/or abroad. Very effective as part of internationalisation processes.


Tailor-made trainings concerning relevant skills and specific topics such as job orientation, (self-) presentation and communication for individuals with management responsibilities and members of staff.


Compact seminars as part of in-house training programmes of organisations or training institutions focusing on specific issues such as conflict management and successful rhetoric.


Workshops offer an opportunity for active participation and coordination of involved persons within processes of human resources development or teambuilding. Very effective also with international and/or intercultural teams.


R.E.G. also moderates conferences and meetings on diverse issues in German or English language. Our external and non-biased perspective allows you to focus on your goals.