R.E.G. – Organisational consulting

Organisational consulting

Organisational consulting comprises all settings and methods of professional consultation that aim at changing, sustainably transforming and stabilizing organisations or parts of them. The main focus of this approach is on the structures of organisations and the aspect of communication. R.E.G. thus considers organisational consulting as a means of facilitating individual processes linked to change and development of organisations.

Another essential element of R.E.G.’s portfolio is the field of organisation development, which represents a special form of organisational consulting. Organisation development actively integrates affected individuals or groups into the intended process of development. The main focus of this approach is on social change within organisations.

R.E.G. specializes in organisational consulting on or for the purpose of:

Strategic development

Facilitating processes linked to the development of values/standards, mission statements, goals/strategies and concepts/products.


Counselling organisations within the framework of projects and processes aiming for a (further) development of their level of internationalization.


Facilitating processes linked to purposive PR as well as internal and external communication structures.

Human resources development

Tailor-made alternative personnel selection procedures and long-term motivational and participation strategies to reduce employee turnover.

Team development

Ensuring or restoring full performance and cooperation within teams in the framework of an individually designed process.