Bernd Schneeberger


„The basic idea of IKIGAI (Japanese: “thing that you live for``) is that even though your job is an important part of your life, it at the same time is just one of many parts. For many years I have been working on two questions: (1) Why do people stay in working environments that restrict and/or burden them and sometimes even harm their health? and (2) How should working environments be organised in order to facilitate efficient work performance and reduce employee turnover? I support individuals, teams and organisations in identifying work-related constraints and stressful work situations as well as in reflecting their origins/causes in order to broaden the participants’ scopes of action.“


  • Degree in Counselling Sciences and Management of Social Systems with a Major in Counselling, Coaching and Organisational Consulting (Sigmund Freud University Vienna)
  • Degree in Psychology (University of Graz)
  • Listed with the Austrian Association for Supervision/Counselling (ÖVS)
  • Expert trainer (ISO/IEC 17024)
  • Several years of professional experience in career advising, human resources consulting and coaching (Lenzing AG, Team4 Projektmanagement GmbH, Mag. Josef Schneeberger)
  • Several years of professional experience as psychologist (Austrian Road Safety Board, hospital LKH Graz Süd-West)
  • Several years of professional experience as research assistant (Department of Psychology at the University of Graz, Federal Institute bifie)
  • Partner of R.E.G. since 2015 (psychologist, organisational and business consultant)
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